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The Best Players for SWF Files

SWF files are so well featured that you would find excellent animations and interactive functions that serve as entertainment. Each system has the ability to correctly play any SWF file through a suitable player

This article shares the best SWF players with the ability to use full screen, set playback quality, and even take advantage of vector-based games and animations.

In the list you will find some players that are used for SWF files

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is the default SWF player and web plugin for viewing flash videos, games, and animations. Supports SWF files with embedded vector / 3D graphics, video and audio. It is compatible with most cellular operating systems, such as Android, iOS, etc.

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Free Blu-ray Player

Free Blu-ray Player not only works for SWF but when you need a player to enjoy all video formats such as HD videos, DVD and even Blu-Ray discs, Free Blu-ray Player is capable of watching all file formats with excellent effect of video and image quality 100%.

This player is also compatible with the FLV format.

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SWF file player

It is a simple and intelligent external flash player, which is dedicated to playing videos, games and other SWF files with the advantage that they can be local without connecting to the Internet. It is a lightweight player, less than 1MB, with basic functions of playback, forward, backward, pause.

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GOM Player

The best option for SWF games is GOM Player which has advanced customization and control functions with the mouse or touch screen.

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Elmedia Player for Mac

If you are looking for an excellent SWF player for MacBook computers, Elmedia Player for Mac is suitable for watching SWF movies and animations with great playback enhancements. Supports automatic adjustment of aspect ratio and more to fit the image to the screen. It also supports the use of subtitles.

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VLC Media Player

When you want to watch SWF files online from YouTube, Vimeo, and other streaming sites, the well-known VLC Media Player is a notorious free SWF video player with multiple features and advanced settings. With format conversion functions, it makes it a high-potential player for multimedia professionals and designers.

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File Extension Info

SWF Quick Info
  Adobe Flash File
  application/vnd.adobe.flash-movie    application/x-shockwave-flash   application/futuresplash
Opens with
  Adobe Flash Player
  Adobe Flash Player Projector