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SWF used to be a major multimedia representation format on the internet. At this time this format is slowly fading out and will be out of support starting from 2021. But there are still many places on the internet where SWF files are available for playing and download. Before we will list some of them.

  • HCI 430 -- Flash Examples web page. This page has multiple SWF examples with simple and more advanced ActionScript programming demos. Some demos on this page are taken from the "Flash 8 ActionScript Bible, Wiley, 2005". Besides files in SWF format it also includes source ActionScript files in FLA format.
  • Lots of random stuff SWF collection. Webpage with almost six thousand various SWF files. Animations, games and much more.
  • Flash Source Files. Collection of FLA ActionScript source files if you are interested to learn how ActionScript works. More than 100 files in the collection.
  • Flash Tutorials. Flash tutorials with FLA and SWF files available. Websites has a very detailed ActionScript tutorial with many examples.

Please note that not every browser can play SWF files due to security restrictions. It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox browsers for easier procedure of enabling Adobe Flash player. Read our guide on how to enable Adobe Flash on Google Chrome.

You can also download standalone Adobe Flash Player from Adobe Labs Download page.

File Extension Info

SWF Quick Info
  Adobe Flash File
  application/vnd.adobe.flash-movie    application/x-shockwave-flash   application/futuresplash
Opens with
  Adobe Flash Player
  Adobe Flash Player Projector